2015 Projects

Houghton Library Undergraduate Fellows


Reel Writing by Virginia Marshall ’15

Though the course of the summer, Virginia produced a series of six podcasts informed by her research at Houghton and the Woodberry Poetry Room. With topics ranging from Charles Olson to Vladimir Nabokov to phone-a-poem, Virginia highlighted a variety of sounds and stories from the archives.

Mikhaila Fogel ’16

Mikhaila’s project was focused on understanding the origins of America and Britain’s divergent birth control movement outcomes through primary engagement with the American Birth Control League papers and the Margaret Sanger papers at Houghton Library, as well as books in the collection on 20th century eugenics and war. Her work with the collections contributed to a History and Literature thesis.

Jake Wilder-Smith ’16

Working with the James Family papers at Houghton, Jake composed an opera revolving around the experiences of Alice James and her place in the famous family. A performance of selections from the work was held at Houghton Library in fall 2015.