Undergraduate Fellowships

Houghton Library invites Harvard College undergraduates to work with our collections during the summer months. We offer two fellowships for undergraduate students enrolled at Harvard: one in partnership with Harvard University’s SHARP Program for arts and humanities (Houghton Library SHARP Fellowship) and another in partnership with Bow and Arrow Press (Houghton Book Arts Fellowship). Both seek to support students in their work with Houghton’s diverse holdings. Click these links for more information about the Houghton Library/SHARP and the Book Arts Fellowship.


2018 Cohort

This could be you!


2017 Cohort


Houghton Library Undergraduate/SHARP Fellows
Mario Menendez ’18
Jensen Davis ’20
Tawanda Mulalu ’20

Houghton Library/Book Arts Fellows at Bow & Arrow Press
Leon Pan ’18
Allison Law ’20

75th Anniversary Fellow
Devon Guinn ’17




2016 Cohort

Houghton Library Undergraduate/SHARP Fellows
Jess Clay ’17
Tez Clark ’18
Thomas Peterson ’18

Houghton Library/Book Arts Fellows at Thornwillow
Miga Purev-Ochir ’17
Griffin Gonzales ’18

75th Anniversary Fellow
Arthur Schott-Lopes ‘19


2015 Cohort

Houghton Library Undergraduate Fellows
Virginia Marshall ‘15
Mikhaila Fogel ‘16
Jake Wilder-Smith ‘16