This guide would not have been possible were it not for the tireless work of the entire Houghton staff. So many people met with me this summer to share their love for the library and their thoughts on its seventy-fifth anniversary, and this guide is as much a product of their suggestions and views as it is of my own research endeavors at Houghton.

First of all, I would like to thank John Overholt, Leslie Morris, Susan Halpert, Karen Nipps, James Capobianco, Dennis Marnon, Christina Tompson, Hope Mayo, Matthew Wittmann, Melanie Wisner, Micah Hoggatt, Christina Linklater, and Andrea Cawelti for taking their time to meet with me and talk about their specialty areas at Houghton. Their thoughts and contributions were invaluable to the production of this guide and, without their constant support and feedback, I would have never been able to find many of the extraordinary items that made it into this book.

I would also like to thank Tom Hyry, Florence Fearrington Librarian of Houghton Library and Director of Arts and Special Collections of the Harvard College Library, for believing in my idea and generously supporting it through the summer and beyond. Compass would never be a reality without him.

I must also thank the 2016 Houghton-SHARP fellows, Jess, Thomas, and Tez, and the Houghton-Thornwillow fellows, Griffin and Miga, for a wonderful summer of research, printing press training, and Friday morning political debates at readers’ coffee; Claire, whom I had the pleasure to meet as she worked on the Dante Project two tables away in the reading room and who is now one of my best friends; John Alex, for being the best summer roommate I could have asked for; Eli, for making this summer a very, very happy one; and, of course, my parents. A distância sempre será difícil para todos nós, mas “tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena”. Obrigado por todo o apoio sempre, especialmente durante estes últimos meses. Amo muito vocês.

Finally I would like to thank my supervisors: Heather Cole (Assistant Curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts) and Emilie Hardman (Research, Instruction, and Digital Initiatives Librarian), for being the most incredible mentors anyone could have ever asked for. From creating the 75th Anniversary Undergraduate Fellowship to accommodate this project, to reading through every single one of the concentration blurbs and providing detailed, insightful feedback, they have not only enriched this guide, but also my Harvard experience. Their indefatigable dedication to Harvard undergraduates—they also run the SHARP program at Houghton during the summer—is what made me interested in Houghton in the first place, and their superhuman knowledge of the library’s collection was fundamental to this guide’s completion. It is a delight and an honor to work with them, and Compass is theirs as much as it is mine.

Arthur Schott-Lopes ’19
A.B. Candidate in History
Secondary Field in the Classics
Houghton Library 75th Anniversary Fellow
Harvard University